Dreamy Denim Days

Denim is just one of those things that is permanently in fashion and everyone will own at least one pair of jeans and if you don’t, it is well past time to invest in a pair! You might not always associate denim fashion with summertime, and it’s true that it is the perfect time to embrace some lighter and airier styles. However, in this country, usually the weather is never that bakingly hot, so you can enjoy denim pieces the whole year round! Continue reading Dreamy Denim Days

Best High Street Swimwear

If you, like many of us, have finally pulled out your bikini and swimsuit from last year and have found that it has lost its stretch, faded and is pretty much past its past leaving you only with your sporty utility suit that’ll be no good for days at the beach, then don’t worry. You can have the fun of choosing and buying a new swimwear number for this season, and the great thing is that you don’t need to empty your bank account in order to get one that you like! Continue reading Best High Street Swimwear

Wedding Guest Outfits

The start of summer heralds the advent of the wedding season and chances are you’ve already received at least one invitation to attend a bash this year. Weddings are obviously the perfect time to celebrate the happy couple, see old friends and family and to just generally have a great time. One thing a wedding does require (aside from your attendance and a wedding gift of course!) is a wedding outfit, and while men can cheerfully pull out their perennial suit and perhaps select a new tie, us women have to assemble a classy outfit that will make us look and feel gorgeous whilst still not being too ostentatious. Continue reading Wedding Guest Outfits

You Can Leave Your Hat On!

Forget about cosy bobble hats with their impressive pompoms for the time being; with the start of summer it is now time to start embracing a different kind of hat fashion to see you through the season. Hats are one of those often overlooked accessories that we only wear as an after-thought, and chances are, when you put on a hat it is only because it’s raining outside! Continue reading You Can Leave Your Hat On!

Fashion for the Seaside

Slowly but surely we are finally starting to enjoy some better weather, and with longer and warmer days with plenty of sunshine thrown in, summer holidays not far on the horizon and barbeque season officially in full strength, then if you haven’t already, then now is the perfect time to update your beach fashion pieces. We are really lucky in this country in that we have plenty of beautiful coastlines, lovely summer days (occasionally depending on where you live) and in the UK we are never more than 70 miles from the sea, and this helps to explain our great love for the seaside. Even if you aren’t going anywhere hot and exotic this summer, you can still easily enjoy some lovely days at the beach, so it is obviously important to have some chic and cool fashion pieces to wear. To help give you some great and practical beach fashion ideas, we have assembled a little list here which we hope will help! Continue reading Fashion for the Seaside